(Public speaking series part 1)

Do you know that the way I write is the way I talk? Ok lemme rephrase... Do you know that the way you write is the way you talk? Or the way YOU SHOULD TALK. This is because what you write or talk about is the reflexion of what is within, depending how you wish to present it. NOTE: good writers are logically good readers, while interactive speakers are good listeners.

The way you arrange your writing is part of scripting, therefore a sign of the kind of talker you are. Your choice and presentation of words determines your thoughtfulness, expression and impression, depending on who you are addressing. Every single structure comes to play while making a point to your reader or someone who is listening to you. Example is the songs you listen to, the writer visualizes how the performance would be from the scripting stage. In other words, proper arrangement is vital. A perfect example is News Casting, or a Talk show.

Someone who abbreviates a lot is not a disciplined writer and most likely will not be a constructive speech maker.

Paragraphing is a good way of navigating from one point to another. In movie scripting, it can be broken down into scenes. Those who do not apply this technical aspect of writing including proper punctuation may not be able to apply the right attitude required to spice up the body corroboration while presenting a speech.

Good writers are most likely to be not just good speakers, but actors, models or performing acts, anything that involves the body language and voice acting.

...to be continued with BODY CORROBORATION AND COMMUNICATION while delivering a speech on different topics.

~ Treeze @treeze3ze #Beauty9ja🇳🇬


Feb. 14th might have slip-passed the 2018 calendar count already just like every other date we celebrate. But then love is not a date, therefore never ends... I want to believe you spent that special day with a special feeling anyway, such that will endure like fountain. That's all that matters cos such is a day when a lot of people feel lonely and unloved.

As for me, even though I spent part of Feb. 14th alone with my computer in my office, I was able to connect to the power of love, the joy it brings. It begins with doing what you love. I mean something you can do for free and fun. I was working on the images from Feb. 13th shoot with 2 of my symbolic models. Symbolic yea, I don't know if that's the right word but then one of the models is promising, while the other is a role model even if she is yet to realize it, a beauty queen mother of an 8 years old daughter. That indeed is a selling point, a caption almost everyone seems to doubt each time I say "she's married with kids". Let's say she is a product of the models career orientation project, Models Industry Week 2017 and has wisely kept the door open.  Well I'm talking about Queen Pukka Face, Maryam Orlando who had an exclusive shoot with the profile rising/ promising model, Celestina Adeyeye.

Celestina was taught everything she know from the scratch. It has been a process that her zeal to learn has fueled. I must commend her parents for supporting her this far. Personally I'm glad to see how much she has grown, and how confident she has become with time. Well to me that's a measure of success. I really could feel that way in our Feb.13th outing and the 14th expression on my computer. I fell in love with my skills over again, and that sparked some excitement within my soul.

In summary, while some people will make you question the value of your genuine input, others can make you feel like a genius. Don't forget that. Create more space for love in your heart, not for people. People comes and go, love stays within. Like I captioned 2 of my edits from the shoot, "love is colourless when not expressed from within". "Love conquers all fears. We are all cowards. We all need love". Last but not the least, "we are stronger when we stand together in love".

With unending love from #Treeze #Beauty9ja🇳🇬.

Treeze gear up to work with new talents, products and brands in 2018

I have met a couple of interesting talents in line of duty as the producer and host of the most beautiful story ever told out of Naija, the Beauty9ja Reality Magazine show....  Let's take this to another level in 2018.

Do you have a new product or brand you wish to promote? Then get ready to work with us.

Are you a model, Fashion designer, Stylist, Makeup artist, Dancer, Artist, or someone with any special skill which deserve a push to the limelight, we are gearing up to work with you.

So what are you waiting for? Let's draw a master/ work plan for 2018 together. Whatsapp the producer on 08060444632, or call 08126641885

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.....

Treeze; Beauty9ja, Models Connect Nigeria, Kel Concepts Ng.

On duty as Pageant judge

Say hi to the connect...✌ #LineOfDuty  #PageantJudges..... From left, @fredchyke , a High Fashion Model (HFM) and designer, middle is the immediate former Face of Ajegunle, and assistant host at the maiden edition of Models Retreat, Bliss, then at extreme is mua, the connect, aka Beauty9ja 🔥💯

#Appreciation 🙏...so she is the winner... we say welcome Queen Lydia to the Beauty Royalty family... The prepared wins! Models Connect Nigeria has offered possible best career support..wishing her a successful and productive reign... Correspondence coming after cut....✍ #Beauty9ja🇳🇬

Coolest Beauty Queen

Been around longer than other models I have woworked with. Queen of middle belt, Angela Paul.

RESETTING THE MIND SET IN RECESSION + Models Retreat 2016 in review

+ Models Retreat 2016 in review.

To many of us, recession is a new word we have come to learn after President Buhari came to power. Very few of us care to know the literal meaning because the economic impact simply define it as time of hardship. The truth is that poverty of the mind has always been with a lot of people. Everyone is out for what to grab. But life is  short to give excuses for not trying to make  positive impacts while we can.

I stopped writing for a while now because I  felt like people has stopped reading. I stopped sharing much on social media because  I felt like I have less intellectuals up there… I am definitely inspired again. This time by young people with similar drive, passion and vision. These set of people originated from a shanty town in Lagos called Ajegunle. Why not Lekki, why not VGC, why not Ikeja? Yes Ajegunle.

I came across a young female model during one of my auditions, precisely for upcoming events. I realized that there was something about her. She was calm and confident. My instinct did not fail me as I later discovered that she is a reigning beauty queen; Face of Ajegunle (FOA). I proposed she become my co-host in one of the events for which she came to be auditioned; MODELS RETREAT 2016. Her name is Ogwu Bliss, a trained Runway Model/ Fashion Designer. Indeed she never disappointed my confidence in her as she diligently did her bit.

Bliss is supporting her Runner up in a pet project tagged “Girl in Prison", to take place in Kirikiri maximum prison on the 26th of December 2016. So she had a meeting in that regard a day after Models Retreat 2016 which she co-hosted. She invited me, and I was so eager to support her by being there. Organizing Models Retreat in far away Lekki was overwhelming, and I was still appraising the challenges and possible ways forward. Then I remembered my decision to support any model with vision and drive otherwise know as passion. I lifted my self and attended to Bliss's invite. Although I came in late, it was just the right place to be not because it fitted into my expectation. But because the gathering was made up of intellectual content. Yes content. I easily connected with the people I met mentally. Obviously they were all leaders with deep sense of responsibility. From Bliss to the organizer of Face of Ajegunle Beauty Pageant, to the creative intellectuals like Olaemma Opara , to Tee-Signature, among the FOA sisters as they proudly address them selves.

I quietly listened to them  as they discussed like a family intelligently. I was offered their brands. The summary is that their stories and ideology is amazing, simply inspiring. Indeed FOA is more than a show, but an INSTITUTION where people are helped to become better. Of course the success story is never without those overwhelming moments when quitting seems like the best option.

In conclusion, there are so much I could pick from what olaemma wrote with the tag “Living in recession and finding your social capital”. The line that caught my deeper admiration is this; “There are capitals everywhere and every time, but only answers to you in consonant with the values and expectations that runs in your heart. And so the problem is not that there are no money or whom to help, the problem is that your heart is either empty or too small to hold the thoughts, ideas, people or values that comes to you".

MODELS RETREAT is a beautiful idea just like models Connect Industry Night, conceived to provide models a platform to network, sharing ideas, opportunities in an atmosphere of fun. No matter the challenges, the beauty of the idea as presented can’t be questioned. It has become clear that there is a bigger challenge in actualizing ideas. No one individual can actualize a big idea in a big way. This is the lesson we all must learn, offering to help each other in the best possible ways in actualizing individual dreams. Beauty queens and aspirants must learn to pick up from where the pageant organizers stopped in creating  platforms which is the first level of empowerment. The most important thing is the mental empowerment to actualize a vision. Passion is the driving force, and no career person can go far without it. Models Retreat 2016 should provide the needed picture of a passionate humble beginning, how people can disappoint at the last minutes, how to stay unbroken among other lessons. Your last option is what is yours and available like our humble camera phone which captured the red carpet when the media failed.

Yes, together we can connect Nigeria, and the world around us. It all begins with our Passion & vision. Yes we can.

~ Treeze (MCN)